FYI: Podcasts keep me sane

There’s good reason for Serial being as popular as it is – it’s interesting, easy to listen to, compelling and it’s true. If you haven’t heard it yet, drop in on their website and start at the beginning. Serial is a long single subject narrative driven piece, so it won’t make sense if you jump start the story. And, if you like it, donate to the cause so we can all enjoy a second series.

Personally, I love that the reporter’s process is part of the story; this is the kind of journalism that I am a sucker for.

Richard Fidler’s Conversations
I’ve been listening to Richard Fidler since I was at university and there are interviews from back then that I still listen to on occasion today. Of his most recent interviews, those with author Thomas Keneally (pictured below) and science journalist James Woodford on the traits and taste buds of sharks, stand out to me as podcasts worth recommending.


News in the age of digital disruption
This is one for those interested in news and media and the future of mass communication. News in the age of digital disruption, by Kellie Riordan for the ABC’s Future Tense, explores what news consumers want and what news media are delivering and why. A key quote from this episode: “Hasn’t journalism always been some parts good and some parts bad…”. A fair observation, I think.

 Photo: Thomas Keneally, photographed by Paul Jones for University of Wollongong.


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