David Carr, the New York Times columnist and media journalist, died on 12 February, 2015.

David Carr 2013

By Ian Linkletter (Own work) [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Carr is one of those people that sit on a loosely compiled list of mine for those who I admire and idolise from afar through the internet. His journalism and writing were easy to like, but it was his personal story that made him stand out to me. Carr was honest and upfront about his past life as a drug addict and an alcoholic and was proud of the fact he’d turned his life around. I’m sure many of us who’ve struggled with ‘demons’ wish they could own their problems like Carr did. Myself included.

Naturally, Carr’s death has prompted an outpouring of words online and much of it is worth reading. I’ve done my best to curate some of the most insightful pieces below.

New York Times announcement
New York Times video play list
What David Carr told me about standardized testing — and his unconventional schooling (Washington Post)
David Carr on how to be a man (Washington Post)
David Carr Called Himself ‘Part Pirate, Part Thug’ But Also ‘A Decent Person’ (NPR)
The collected wisdom of David Carr (New York Magazine)
David Carr was our compass (TPM)
The Two Best Pieces of Advice David Carr Ever Gave Me (Medium)
Remembering David Carr, Professor (Media Shift)


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