press-1015988_1920.jpgOne day, I will make it to The Walkley Foundation’s Storyology conference. But while I work my way toward being a sole proprietor who can afford such luxuries I am dependant on what other people publish and share from the conference. Which is a lot, actually.
Below I’ve compiled some links to Storyology 2015 related resources and content — a highlight reel of sorts. Enjoy.

Ethical conundrums

On Thursday 12 November, a discussion about ethical issues and hard decisions made by the media at Storyology was broadcast RN Media Report.

Listen here: Radio National Media Report

Graphic journalism

Before the conference, on October 22 October, the Media Rerport broadcast an interview with Dan Archer, who appeared at Storyology to discuss his use of comics and immersive storytelling.

Listen here: Graphic Journalism

Also worth reading is the article ‘Some good journalism is emerging from the online clutter‘ by Jonathan Holmes.


At some point I spotted the below tweet that shows statistics from the American Press Institute claiming that 86% of users use Twitter for news. This is a great stat to have parked in your brain if you’re someone who finds themselves trying to convince others to utilise the platform. The second tweet supports that argument that people turn to Twitter when news breaks.

Without much effort, I tracked down an American Press Institute report about Twitter from September 2015. It’s definitely worth a skim-read.

And, via Twitter, a few good tips came out of a masterclass run by Danny Teece-Johnson:

Last but not least, the Walkley Foundation has published some short but informative QandA style videos also:

More hand picked highlights from the #Storyology Twitter conversation can be viewed via Storify.

Banner image credit: Alexas_Fotos


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