List: Aus crime news and information

fingerprint-255897_1920 cropIf you’re interested in crime you’ll be pleased to know there’s plenty of places you can find information about what law breakers are getting up to in Australia. Below is a list of online sources of information and news about crime in Australia. This list will be updated with new sources when possible.

Police media releases

Australian Federal Police (AFP)

New South Wales (NSW) police

Queensland (QLD) police

Australian Capital Territory (ACT) police

South Australia (SA) police

Tasmania (TAS) police

Western Australia (WA) police

Northern Territory (NT) police

Crime Stoppers Australia

Research and data

Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS): Crime and safety

Australian crime commission (ACC)

Australian Institute of Criminology (AIC)

Australian Road Deaths Database

News media on crime


The Guardian Australia

Herald Sun

The Conversation – White collar crime

The Conversation – Crime


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