FYI: Podcasts keep me sane #2



MISSING is a fascinating podcast series by crime author Tim Weaver (@TimWeaverBooks). The eight-part series investigates how and why some people choose to go missing. As a result, the podcast also delves quite deeply into the consequences of technology in regards to surveillance and the digital footprints we leave, consciously or unconsciously. Really, it’s very difficult to intentionally and successfully disappear without a trace.

MISSING was one of iTunes’ Best Podcasts for 2015. I have to agree with iTunes, it is a winner.

Visit the web site to find out more.

Serial, season 2

Is everyone listening to the second season of Serial? (@serial) I hope so. There’s plenty about the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, the Taliban, and US politics, weaved into this series that I previously knew nothing about.

If you haven’t been tuning in though, here’s what you need to know in a few sentences: In 2009, United States soldier Bowe Bergdahl was captured by the Taliban after he left the safety of his camp in Afghanistan. He was subsequently help captive and tortured for five years. In 2014, he was rescued, thanks to a controversial prisoner swap, and he charged with desertion and endangering U.S. troops by the military soon afterwards.

So, the Serial team is now trying to piece together what Bergdahl did and why he did it and it’s an extraordinary story.

Head to Serial’s web site to start listening.

The Journalism Explainer

Anyone interested in journalism or storytelling will be get something from The Journalism Explainer. It’s a new podcast by Fairfax Media about journalism with head of Digital Editorial Capability Julie Posetti (@julieposetti) and Singapore-based journalist Asha Phillips (@AshaPhillips).

Their first episode explores the production of The Big Sleep, a multimedia piece about a couple that chose euthanasia over old age. The story is told with the daughter’s of the couple and includes video interviews, family photos, and a suicide note. The podcast pays quite a bit of attention to the ethical challenges the journalist, Health Editor Julia Medew, and her colleagues, Multimedia Editor Felicity Lewis and Videographer Tom McKendrick, faced while producing the package.

Real Crime Profile (@RealCrimeProfil)

One I stumbled across very recently — Real Crime Profile. The five episodes I’ve heard all discuss the Netflix documentary Making a Murderer (a must watch, in my opinion).

Basically, the Real Crime Profile consists of three people — Jim Clemente, a former FBI profiler; Laura Richards, a criminal behavioural analyst; and Lisa Zambetti, a casting director for the TV Show Criminal Minds –discussing the program, and it’s an interesting conversation to be privy to.

The podcast can be found on iTunes and SoundCloud.

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